Aluninium Yoyo dinged

so I bought a yoyo by the brand of Aoda in china
I was leting my cousin play with it and he banged it hard on the floor
so there are two big dings rght next to each other and it is bothering me
wht can i do to fix theese dings?
theyre not HUge but they are worse then small dings theyre like 0.3 cm in

Uhh… there is really no way to “fix” dings, you just got to live with them. They happen.

Unless you want to pay money to have someone satin your yoyo, which can cost alot, and IMO is not worth it for two little dents.

I would just leave it. It happens to all of us.

You can’t really fix them. You can try to satin it.

Well if it’s just the feel is bugging you you could sand it , but it will scratch your anno, but I sanded my hitman after a narly string break, and totally saved it.

if theyre sharp or sticking out just ake a file and file them off, thats what i do

I thought yo ucant satin a aluninium yoyo.
‘cry’ just bought the yoy o todayh and someone dented it :frowning:
I heard you cxan just use some paint to cover it
its just a small white spot and the paint just got chipped off and made a little dent in

Almost every metal yoyo we use is aluminum, of course you can satin it, and I don’t know why you’re making a big deal out of hitting your yoyo on the ground, it’s OK.

Nah, the first time you ding a mint yoyo you always feel bad… or your first metal… for me, I felt even worse because my “friend” decided to try to cut my string with a scissor in play and scraped off the ano.