nick repair question

Ok, so a couple of my throws have little nicks and it’s kind of whatever because they’re not super expensive anyways. BUT I was just outside doing plastic whips with my BRAND NEW Chief and missed the whip at the same time my dog clipped my leg. My poor baby has a ugly little guy on one edge now. It doesn’t affect play or even dig on grinds, but it’s pretty upsetting on my most expensive throw.

Advice on what to do?
What repairs can be made to throws like this and are they worth it?

Color it in with a red sharpie, dings are always going to happen.


Thats the best advice your gonna get for the best fix.

There are metal fillers and it would make more of a mess for just one ding. Not worth it in my opinion.

You should be happy about getting your first ding so early - the first one is always the worst. Now you don’t have to keep obsessing over stopping it dinging. :wink:

Use a tiny bit of red clay, and then fill the hole xD

Polish the rims. Then you can pretty much never worry about dinging it again. Once its done most small scratches and dings will be easy to polish out