Dingo vs Nueae vs PopStar vs Cafe Racer vs Campfire, or others?

Small others. What are some thoughts? I have heard mixed reviews about the PopStar.

Popstar has way too much centerweight
Campfire is a lot more expensive than the rest but probly the best of your list.
Nueae is the next most stable but the ones I’ve thrown haven’t been the smoothest. That said I like it.
Dingo fizzles out rather quickly and wasn’t very nice.
Cafe Racer was bland and had too much centerweight.

Mind if I get your price range because I love undersized yoyos and these all seem just ok. That said really good undersized throws are somewhat pricey or you have to pick them up used.

There’s also the C3 token and yoyofficer pause to check out. Token was pretty unstable though and I haven’t tried the pause.


I hated the popstar. I have a CafeRacer and I’ll never let go of it. It is amazingly stable for a small throw. And a lot of fun as well.

It’s about $50, and I’m planning to buy used. Do you think I could get a beat up Campfire for that?

Haven’t seen a campfire on the bst lately, but when one pops up, if it’s beat, it’ll probably go for the $70 range. I know there is a Messiah on the bst, don’t remember the price though


The 44 special would be a nice throw to add to your undersized collection and this one is a good deal. Only problem is that the guy has zero feedback.

I’ve seen smooth moves in the cheap range too and they’re nice performers.

I’ve actually thrown all of these, but own one of them. :smiley:

The POPStar, which I one, is my favorite of that list. It’s also the smallest and hardest to play with.
The Dingo is just so narrow and I just don’t like it as much.
The Cafe Racer is, like sparhawk said, bland and a little bit boring.
The Neuae is a little bigger than the POPStar but both are similar to each other. The Neuae has more weight but I found mine didn’t sleep for as long as the POPStar for some reason or another.
Campfire, good luck trying to find one, was really nice, but it felt awkward. It’s also going to be a good $100 more than all the rest and totally not worth it.

Also as sparhawk said, there is the C3 Token and YYO Pause. I’ve thrown both of those as well and feel that the token was the better by far. He also mentioned a 44, but I’ve never thrown one of those.

So, my advice is to get a Token or Popstar,



From what you listed, I would go with the Neuae or Cafe Racer.