Diffusion vs. Alpha Crash vs. Victor Protostar

I have a nice collection of aluminum throws, but I would like to have at least one plastic that I could let friends use who are still learning. I’ve made the mistake in the past of letting them ding my nice mint throws! I’m looking at the 3 above and curious which one is the better player…? Considerations are spin time and stability mainly. I’m not concerned about price or the installed bearing as I will be putting in my own. Anybody have experience with all 3?


I did not try the diffusion, but I have played the other two.

The Victor protostar, is the same as a regular just with a different color. It is my favorite plastic, and I play it over a ton of metals. It feels like a plastic Genesis, if you ever played that before.

The Alpha Crash plays a little bit heavier. Not much as stable, but also half the price.

The alpha can grind a little bit better…But all plastics are not grinders compared to metals. I would say get the Proto. It is AMAZING!

Good Luck!!

If you’re looking for a beater metal for your friends to try, set up a Classic with a YYJ Speed bearing and then silicone it. It will give them everything they are looking for.

The Diffusion, Alpha Crash and Protostar are all very different performers is all I will say. I don’t have the Victor Protostar, a regular one is just fine for me.

I say the Protostar, I had one and loved it! It spins forever. Out of the plastics I have tried the Protostar is my favourite. It is one if the most loved yoyos ever made. That’s plastic.

Diffusion is crazy good.

Buy a whip i was in the same situation i had a drifter (close to a zero) and wanted to do more and i bought the whip and was astounded. Its just not as heavy and it will take you to the expert section of tricks on this cite its 10 dollars and if anything you can just use it as a practice or something you just carry around and impress people with

Thanks for the feedback guys, that helped me narrow it down. I think I’ll pick up a Diffusion and a Protostar. ;D