Aero yo delta, yyr diffusion 1, something premiere, or skyva?


I am using yyj speedmaker as my everyday throw, and for metal I used Capital serum. I am thinking of trying something new, preferably plastic and aside from both of them, I’m considering a something premiere and myy skyva too. First 2 yoyos on the title is what stole my eyes during my bst browsing(2nd hand). I’m not a really fast player even though I’m currently trying to improve my speed play and accuracy. What do you recommend getting? I also got limited budget too. Thank you in advance.


What do you mean by limited budget? $20? $50? About where at?


Around 20 for this.


The Diffusion 2 is quite a bit better than the original Diffusion in my and most people’s opinion. I haven’t tried an Aero-Yo Delta. If you are also considering a Premiere from sOMETHING, that’s the route I would go. The Premiere is one of my favorite plastics.


The diffusion 2 price point is quite high for me I think ;D Definitely will pick that up when I got enough money. How does the spin time of diffusion 2 fare against the premiere?


Oh, and what do you think of skyva?


Both have sufficient spin. I would say the Diffusion 2 probably edges the Premiere out in stability just a bit. The Premiere is more comfortable in the hand, more agile and enjoyable to throw in my opinion.


Alright, thanks for the info. One more question,
Is premiere a nice transition from speedmaker? As both are Hiroyuki Suzuki’s?