Diffusion durability question


This may or may not be a silly question. But is there any difference in durability between the completely clear Diffusion, the translucent ones and the opaque ones? Does the coloring make them more robust?

(major_seventh) #2

I’m sure they’re of the same durability, the translucent just seems more fragile.

Most diffusion 2’s I’ve played always have a cracking issue around the hub, though.


Really? Man, that sucks. Wouldn’t people be hating the Diffusion though it it was prone to cracking?

(major_seventh) #4

I would think. I might just have bad luck :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s more likely to happen when it gets cold, that metal insert expending and cracking the plastic (if that’s how it works).


mine is cracked but it plays better than some metals


Unfortunately plastic yoyos can be prone to cracking, especially if they have metal inserts that will apply pressure to the plastic by expanding/contracting in different temperatures. I’ve heart a fair few stories of plastics and hybrids (plastic w/ metal weight rings) cracking in extreme climates. :-\

Simple precautions can help though. Even something as simple as not leaving it sitting in direct sunlight for any extended period of time can help reduce the risk. Any temperature extremes are best avoided with plastic yoyos. That’s if you care anyway, half the fun of plastics is that they’re cheap and you can just throw them all over the place without too much worry.

I’ve never had any of my plastic yoyos (including my Diffusion 2) crack on me at all. Still, I live in the UK where the sun is simply and urban legend that many people pass off as a hoax. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, Gambit. Unfortunately, I live in a place where if we had any more sun the country would look like the surface of Venus.

However, I hardly ever yoyo outside in the hot weather so the Diffusion I just ordered should be just fine. :slight_smile: