Polycarbonate plastic help


Hey guys I just want to know if the polycarbonate plastic on most yoyojam yoyos (for example the DM2, Micro Mo) crack in cold weather when I say cold I mean -10°C cold maximum.

I really need your help with this thanks


crack on their own? I doubt it. If you bang it on something them sure the cold can make it brittle.
Nothing bad on YYJ’s part.


But does the plastic crack after I go from an outdoor cold for example -5°C to a normal room temperature around 20°C ?


Probably not, as long as you let it come up to temperature gradually. I’ve carried mine in a foam case in the car, or in my briefcase and brought them into a warm building w/no problems. So transportation should not be an issue. I have never played them outside where they would get extremely cold, then bring them in a warm place.

BTW - I live in MN where the winter temps usually run 0 - 30 deg F., Some colder days run down to -25 to -30 deg F. (Too lazy to convert)