different yoyos for different tricks????

Started with a Duncan imperial and went through beginner tricks very fast. The Imperial was very good at these tricks but not for trapeze
Moved to a yoyojam Hyperwarp wing and helped with Trapeze but because it was so unresponsive, I had trouble with beginning tricks like around-the-world and forward pass…
I bought a Yoyo Jam Dark Magic because, from the tutorials, it seems that all the beginner and intermediate tricks are done with the same yoyo, Dark Magic.
My question: if we go through the series of tricks from beginner to intermediate, do we need two yoyos.
PS I gave away my Duncan Imperial so I have had lots of trouble with beginning tricks.

A plastic yoyo by YoyoJam or YoyoFactory can handle tricks from beginner to beyond master. You can use those for all of your learning. I recommend a Kickside or Velocity.

The imperial is a bit more limited because of its shape and lack of bearing.

Words of wisdom.

You could probably use your Dark Magic throughout your whole yo-yoing career. It is not the yo-yo, it the throw(-o?). But it may be hard to use your Dark Magic for some tricks, like looping.

Thrower? :wink:

I wanted a RHYME!!

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 I see what your asking and yes, you probably need 2 yo-yos to do all of the tricks on this site. (unless you have a speed dial, a velocity or a good adjustable gap)  For example you can't do sidewinder with a dead unresponsive yoyo and you can't do a whip with a responsive one. 
 The reason Andre can do all the tricks with the Dark Magic is because he probably adjusts the gap and uses thick or thin lube.  You can also use a KonKave bearing to make it more unresponsive.     
 Another thing is that as you get better you'll probably not use most of the beginner tricks because other tricks are more impressive, better-looking, etc.

You can whip responsive yoyo. :slight_smile:

True, but it matters what kind of whip and how responsive your yo-yo is. For example you can’t plastic whip with stock FAST 201 yo-yo. :slight_smile:

Not to defame the Dark Magic, which is a great yoyo that’ll probably be my only one until next year, (M1 for B-Day), but the reason the Dark Magic is the only one used is because it was made by the person you see in the tutorials, Andre Boulay, who is sponsored by YoyoJam, which means he can only use YoyoJam yoyos. This means that because he can only use YoyoJam yoyos, and he made the Dark Magic for YoyoJam, then Naturally he will use the dark magic. Just because those tricks are done with the Dark Magic doesn’t mean you can’t do them on anything else. Like I can do some of those with a Flying Panda.

So what I’m just trying to say is just because he’s using that yoyo in his tutorials doesn’t mean it’s the only one that could be used.

Im pretty sure yomega made the hyperwarp wing ???. Plz correct me if i’m wrong.



All stock.

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Ed can do it on a stock Proyo.

Sorry, looks like I was corrected. Thanks for posting those vids!

Well. Mainly it is all about preference. Just rember one thing and one thing only. “The yoyo doesn’t make the palyer, the palyer makes the yoyo.” :wink: