Switched from Duncan Imperial to Dark magic: having trouble

Recently bought dark magic and gave my duncan imperial away. I had easily learned all the beginner tricks with duncan but now having lots of trouble with dm doing beginner tricks , for example: Pop the clutch and around the world. Seems the dm is too unresponsive. Tried to fix response with heavy oil with only a little success. Any help would be appreciated. Thx

Well, thats is because the Dark Magic is meant to be unresponsive, I honestly think you should just skip those tricks and only do them with your Imperial. But if it really that important to you try double looping the string around your bearing, have a tight gap, and if you want, thick lube. Here are instructions on how to double loop:
He does it at 0:55.

thats a big gap, from a duncan imperial to a 40$ dm. if you are begening yoyoing you probaly should have gone with a kick side. (about 20$) it is more responcive. but since you got a dm get some thick lube here on yoyoexpert under accessories. look at the vid that gm user posted and that should help you on how to apply it. even so it will be a little unresponcive because the dm is supposted to be like that. check out the learn section to learn to bind. tighten your yoyo and it will be more responcive, but not too hard because you could break your dm. id use a responcive yoyo like the flying squirrel (they sell it for cheep under duncan on this site) to learn beginer tricks then when you get more advanced use your dm. (dm stands for dark magic)

link to tightening yoyos www.yoyoexpert.com/learn/413-maintenance-over-tightening.html

                                                                       -hope this helps ;)

That video is about overtightening yoyos, here is the right video: http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/408-maintenance-adjusting-gaps.html

i posted it to make sure he dosnt overtighten it. :slight_smile:

(i should have been more clear)

Oh, my bad.

I agree, a 3 dollar yoyo that’s purely for just throwing around randomly into a metal rimmed dark magic meant for like extreme tricks is a huge gap. It’s meant to be unresponsive but since oyu got it I recommend like everyone else to use thick lube to make it responsive.