Different Way to loosen/tighten string tension?

yeah like the title says. i need a way to this other than UFO or sidewinder. videos if possible

  1. Take the slipknot off of your finger

  2. Let the string hang down

  3. Run your fingers down the string

But I really don’t see the problem with doing sidewinder :stuck_out_tongue:

my yo-yo’s really unresponsive so i can’t make it come back up to do side winder


Don’t worry about if it comes up or not. That doesn’t really matter.

Just pinch the string about 5 inches from the yoyo and swing it up so it is level with your hand (and to the side)

It will still help tension, so it doesn’t really matter that the yoyo won’t come up.


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I like the last one in this tut.


do almost a mach 5 mount but take the string to the side instead of down to do a mach 5 so it spins like a sidewinder as long as you want.

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