difference between small bearing and large bearing?

yoyofactory Yuuksta can come in a large C size bearing or a small bearing. What’s the difference? does one effect spin times or something? I’m a noob still learning these things.
Also, is the small bearing a center trac by any chance (with the yuuksta)

sb is generally better for 5a, generally more responsive, generally has more RPMs. bout it

Small bearings bind tighter and faster. Not for the faint of heart. They might snag. Great for 5A. I love them. If you play super clean, get a SB.

Large bearings are better for 1A by most people’s standards. Less snaggy.

Bigger bearings are less snaggy, and I seem to find them easier to work with.
Smaller bearings have easier binds, runs faster but it’s easier to be responsive.

I prefer the big ones.

I suggest the big ones as the big ones are sometimes more expensive.