yuuksta question

I have decided to buy a yuuksta, but i have one more decision left

should i buy the large bearing or the small bearing?

I play 1a and i hear the large bearings are better for that
the small bearing is a center trac tho and I’m curious about those

I HATE SNAGS so the large bearing might be better
I HATE SLIPPY BINDS so the small bearing might be better?

as you can see im going in circles over a not to big of a deal :o

you hate slippy binds but snags… well you cant win i would get the large bearing for the less response and less snag and forget getting yoyo for a center trac its not really worth it.

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CT bearing really doesn’t do much at all. And if you have a good bind and response system, you should be able to get a tight bind.

I concur with Yoyojamizm… large bearing is better and the yuuksta doesn’t snag thanks to its low walled gap. If I got you correctly, a small center trac does not perform quite the same as a large center trac. I have both and the large bearing beats it hands down.

yeah juat buy the large bearing yuuksta, mine doesn’t snag at all, and the binding is easy if you have a good bind

Also, most bearings are larger sized, so it is easier to replace