Difference, between Normal and junior Sponsorships?

What is the difference between a Sponsorship, and a Junior Sponsorship?
not asking because I’m wanting to become one, just wondering what the difference in perks of being sponsored and things like that are.

The benefits of sponsorship in yoyo’ing varies too greatly to say anything hard and fast from what I can tell. Depending on the company size it might mean anything from a couple free yoyos to paid international travel and signature yoyo designs. So, it’s hard to say what difference you’re talking about in any one case. There’s probably even a difference in monetary support between fully sponsored players on a single team depending on the accomplishments of certain players.

What we could say for sure though is that difference for any sponsor between a junior and a full sponsorship is ultimately the amount of money they’re willing to spend on you.

It’s basically the same. Junior sponsors get product and also have guidance under their regular team member Depending on who you talk to, they probably have different ways. So the YYF Protege team works differently from the YYJ Apprentice team. And I think they are the only companies who have junior sponsorships.

As for YYF Protege, each YYF Contest Team Member can pick someone to be a protege under the team member’s wing - Like Alex Kato and [formerly] Kevin Nicholas under Paul Han. From what I can see, YYF Protege members promote up to Contest Team Members if they’ve placed high on a contest, as seen from Kevin Nicholas when he got promoted after his performance in BAC.

I don’t know how YYJ Apprentice team works as I’m not too familiar with it.

But that’s the gist of it. Hope that helps!

Our protégés have a budget. Our sponsored players get whatever they want within reason.
Contest Team also have an incentives program where they can earn rewards for their achievements (in contests and video. In 2012 we also offered some players pro-contracts where they become paid to play. This is on top of product royalties.
As a company started by real sponsorship is important to us. I can’t say we have achieved our goal of having full time pro players but we are getting closer.