A few unrelated questions

  1. What’s the difference between YYJ’s Apprentice team, and their pro team?

  2. At a contest, if you’re competing in like the freestyle division, the one the pros do, are you allowed to use already made up tricks like Eli hops and black hops etc, or do they all have to be your own originals?

  3. What does sponsorship entail? Do you get free yoyos and contest shirts and strings? Or does it vary depending on the company?

  4. Does CLYW do repeat colorways on different runs? (like, will they ever do another Harrison Hurricane BvM2, or Matsuri, or another Party Animal AC)?

I think that’s all for now. If I think of others I’ll just post them below. Thanks, guys!

  1. Their Apprentice team is mostly kids and usually don’t compete as much as the Pro team.

  2. You can use any tricks you want. But; the more creative you are, the more likely you are to get a way better score.

  3. Sponsorship’s give you many things in return for you representing them. The more you make videos and go to contests and represent them, the more they reward you. They usually pay for you to contests and give you yoyos.

  4. CLYW repeats Many colorways. The 28 stories colorway has been around for YEARS now.

The apprentice team is comprised of players who are taking big steps towards becoming pros.

You can use any trick you want. Why would they restrict it? Of course, original combos with many string hits will always beat out doing Black Hops or Eli Hops.

I’m not sponsored, but generally, I believe you get sent free stuff, but this may vary from company to company.

In the past, CLYW used to do certain colorways on different runs, but lately I’ve been seeing less of that. (Meaning that they haven’t been repeating the same colorways on the same model yoyo, but obviously they are going to use one colorway on different models. Example: There haven’t been two runs of Nebula Chief’s, but there has been a Nebula Chief and a Nebula Puffin.)