Advantages of Sponsorship?

What does a company usually offer from sponsorship? I am not looking for sponsorship, because I know I most likely couldn’t, but I was just curious.

Representing a brand you like
Free/heavily discounted yoyos
Pay for contest fees/airfare/hotel
Signature yo-yos/colorways
That’s all I can think of right now

Strings (some companies)

Some companies enjoy tours (Especially YYF) so you might get a few trips to say Europe or Asia in order to display your skills. Some companies enjoy sending their players overseas if any oversea contests have an Open (or International) division.

Don’t forget the fangirls…and fanboys

People will actually take you seriously.
Unless you keep on refusing sponsorship deals even though you have the skills, no one takes a noob or someone who’s learning seriously. Even if they’re asking for advice and stuff, people are too quick to dismiss that “oh, get outta here noob”

But yeah, since you get your name out there, people will start taking you seriously.

Dude, that’s a load of horse manure. If you’re someone that people won’t take seriously before sponsorship, a) they’re prolly still not going to take you very seriously after a sponsorship, and b) most people wouldn’t dare sponsor you to begin with. Saying that company support somehow legitimizes something you’ve been doing to begin with is straight up crap.

This goes for attitude, or basically anything else.

Take Jayyo. We all have heard of him. Some of his comments are a bit sketchy sometimes, but I’m pretty sure everyone here recognizes his completely awesome yoyo skills. He has placed top at national contests too. He ain’t sponsored. And I’d say we all take him(or rather his skills not brony jokes) pretty seriously

Something is wrong with this post. People seem quite respectful here and there are lots of people taken seriously, who are not sponsored.

agreed. I can’t think of anytime I was dismissed as a noob, and I’ve posted my fair share of “noob” threads.