dif-e-yo sportster lathe recess + silicone.

i’ve had this Dif-e-yo sportster for about two years. maybe more.
i haven’t changed the reponse system in it in all that time.
i just got back into yoyoing, so i decided i need to change the response system.
flowable silicone seems to be a popular choice.
so eventually i decided to lathe out recesses where the old dif-pads were, and run some silicone in there on a friend’s lathe.
suffice to say it worked out amazingly.
binds on this yoyo before were ****, probably due to the fact that the response was two year old D:
this also took a gram or two (maybe more? no idea) off the yoyo, making it a better weight for it’s size than it had been.
it’s a lot floatier, and it plays surprisingly much better than it had.
the response isn’t amazing, probably because it wasn’t meant to be played with silicone, and the silicone protrudes into the string gap a lot less than dif-pads would, but binds are significantly better, and overall play is much better.
this is the first mod i have ever done on a yoyo.
here’s some pics:

also i’m new to the forum. hi everyone :smiley:

edit: figured out that the reason the binds aren’t too reliable is because the groove for the silicone is farther away from the bearing seat than it should be to produce more reliable binds.
i’ll have to do that differently next time i try a mod :wink:

second edit: i found out i can work this yoyo on the laithe my father has, so i went in and brought the recess closer to the bearing seat and the silicone is drying as i type =)


good start for a newbie on the forum :smiley:

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Good deal for a first mod!!! My first mod was trash, LOL!

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GREAT JOB! It looks amazing!

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why thank you =)

no thank you for letting me have a glimpse ;D