Did yyj change their stock bearings?

yesterday i just got my Xvict and since it was very responsive i cleaned it.But while i was taking out the shield and etc. i figured out that their ball bearings were different from my DM’s bearing(my old DM i got it 3 months ago).My old dms bearing rust faster and has this thing(spikes i guess,the thing between the ball bearing)yeah and my xvict ball bearing is connected but my dms was not connected.Did they really change bearings???

YoYoJam recently upgraded their bearings to a higher grade stainless steel version.
They ship clean in the Legacy and their all metal yo-yos - but are thick lubed before placement in the plastic and metal rimmed yo-yos since most customers purchasing these yo-yos are not ready to do a bind return.

oh that’s why.But i was wondering how come the old bearing spins longer?And when i spin my bearing(new) on top of a pencil it will only last 3 seconds?is all new yyj bearings like this?

And also the new yyj bearings are sweet makes no vibe and sound

The old one spins longer because it’s already broken in; the new one is lubed so you have to break it in to make it spin faster. And as André said, not all new bearings are like this, bearings in all metal yoyojams and the legacy come cleaned so they don’t need to be broken in.

Oh. Thats great!