New YoYoJam Bearings



I we need new YoYoJam bearings on this site. I’m getting sick of these crappy 8-Ball R188 ZZ Z 2Z 1/4"x 1/2"x 3/16" Shielded Bearings. Aren’t you? They wear out too fast, and while they may cheap and/or great for the company, I find that they don’t spin very long on my Hitman, Dark Magic, Lyn Fury, SpeedMaker, and all the other YoYoJam’s I have.

Thank you.


No, not at all.


Why? They’re flat, plain, getting old, and they don’t play too great at all. I vote KK.


Because do you really need a more expensive bearing? If you clean a YYJ bearing and lube it I will consider it better than a KK or 10ball.


No. But it is worth the play of it. These bearings eventually wear out and die, cleaned or not cleaned.


Actually they won’t if you maintain them correctly.


I’ve had my YoYoJam bearing for at least 2.5 years now, and it is really wearing out.


You think thats a bad thing? 2.5 years? Seriously? Not to mention the fact that YYJ bearings are 10x cheaper than KKs.

Also, we have KKs and SPEcs on the site, 10balls are exclusive to Onedrop.


I can see that. 8)

They may be cheaper, but they’re not as good. And like I said in the Axles post, it increases the life span of the yoyo.

Oh, and if you get the best now, you don’t have to replace as much like you would with a lesser value bearing.


The Bearing increases the life span of the bearing, NOT THE YOYO.

kk is 10x the price and last maybe 2 times as long as Regular? So every 10 years you can spend 6 dollars on bearings, or 30?


Tricks of the trade my friend. Every 10 years? I’d be richer by then instead of buying cheap bearings every time. It also increases spin times for combos. It is all your throw, but max throw + KK or CKK = a cheering crowd. Unless you drop a GT and fail… :stuck_out_tongue:

The point is you could buy best now and replace it lesser, or you can buy cheap now and replace it more often.


I am going to go back to this:

If you maintain a YYJ bearing properly, it will last forever.

The bearing itself it preference. You better get used to that word around here. It isn’t the bearing it is your throw, if you have a good throw you don’t need a KK and it will act the same as a YYJ bearing, a CKK is well crematic.


Not exactly as I do agree a bit.

It will last forever yes, but the performance will downsize at some point in life.

KK’s or CKK’s will last even longer if you take care of it as much as you’re saying with a YYJ.


Yea they’ll last longer than forever.


Elaborate on that sentence? :slight_smile:


No they will not downsize in performance.If you maintain the correctly.


Yes they will! If you take a newborn baby and take care of it perfectly, it will NOT last a lifetime! It will last longer that say, a person who eats junk food mostly, AND healthy food.

So the KK or CKK is the baby, and the YYJ is the normal person. Yes, it sounds crazy.


Yea, because babies are made of metal and need to be washed in mineral spirits.


KK’s or CKK’s don’t need to be washed in mineral spirits…


KKs need to be maintained the same as Regulars.