Did CLYW audition for Dragons Den?

Did CLYW audition for Dragons Den? And if so did they make it or however it works I think shark tank is like the American version but if they did that would be really cool.
Ps I don’t know if this is the right section or not :confused:

Lol ya we did, it was a pretty weird/neat experience.

There was a clown, a line dance group, and a crusty/creepy old man that invented a new swimsuit there … such a neat group of misfits.

Who knows what will happen.

We were pretty tired after waiting for 5 hours, so our pitch wasn’t very spunky. They kinda laughed at us though and said, you guys sound like you’re already there.

Please don’t go corporate Chris! You are successful, no suits.

No worries, it’s all sweatshirts and snapbacks for him…lol


Haha, this made me chuckle

Was this bathing suit special or was he just crazy? ;D