Caribou Chris from CLYW interview!!!!

Found this on youtube thought i should share

heres a link that will work on here. :slight_smile:

I like this interview. It just feels… idk real haha. He really thinks about each question and gives his best answer. He almost seems awkward but it’s just interesting to see the man behind the yoyos. Definitely a cool dude, i hope to meet his some day.


But interesting info.


Just curious, are his tats of CLYW characters?

I want to say yes caus that would be sick but idk mabey

When was the interview?

I’m pretty sure it was at worlds 2012

I started with a Fireball!!!

This year at Worlds

He feels so uncomfortable like shy almost but at the same time relaxed cause of the community of people he’s around, awesome.

I didn’t find him awkward. Just normal. Responding to questions without a prepared answer, and therefore all the more real because of it. Cool guy.

Yea i got to meet him at worlds and he was a really chill guy just hanging out and yoyoing

i liked it all besides for the yuuki answers. derp. =/

That was pretty cool. :slight_smile:

His answers were very well thought out.

why dont you like yuuki?

“In 3 years I’d like to be making a plastic” Found this funny :slight_smile: Screw 3 years I’ll Just start prototyping in November :wink:

Seems like a really decent bloke! It’s nice to see that his dream has been realised with the Yeti. :slight_smile:

If you check the dates, its actually been 1 year already…

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