2013 World Yoyo Contest Interview Montage


The 2013 World Yoyo Contest Inteview Montage, featuring Michael Marshall, Harrison Lee, Andrew Maider, Michael Kurti, Gentry Stein, Daniel Dietz, Ben McPhee, Ann Connolly, and Tessa Piccillo!

Special thanks to Mike Fasano for doing the original interview montage in 2009 and inspiring this video.

Presented by Yolex Skill toy club and Yoyoskills.com


Forget Worlds.

The guy at 6:00 won the universe.


That was awesome. Good vibes all around.


That was a good video. Thanks for posting. I like the Wil Wheaton facial hair too.


Thanks for posting!

I love seeing yoyoers actually talk to the camera, not just throw. It gives me a better idea of what they’re like and their all around personality. Cool video. :slight_smile:


I saw this video on facebook last night. Really loved it.

You guys should do another similar video at nationals. Other smaller contests might work too.


I have to admit, it does look like one nice carpet…


I think that this was postes twice on accident. Anyway, i loved this video!


Seriously nice carpet ;D

Might do one for Nats. If we do, we’ll try to get different people and mix in some different questions. Might keep ones like “When did you start yoyoing?” and “Favorite yoyo?”


I also really like hearing the pros in interviews. I wasn’t a huge fan of Daniel Dietz’s play style, but seeing how chill he is in this interview has really made me appreciate his style a bit more— if that makes any sense. It’s not the first time something like this has happened. I guess getting to see their personality, rather than just knowing them as an alien robot throwing machine sent to florida from another universe makes watching them compete much more enjoyable. :slight_smile: