Wavy News 10

So I was on wavy news 10, my local news station for all of Hampton Roads for yoyoing. Here is a small segment of the interview on the Saturday morning show.


There’s a lot more to it but I’ll post that once I get the dvd of it :slight_smile:

Also the way this happened was I was filming my documentary when this guy by the name of Aaron Kurtz comes by and starts asking me questions, he asked if I know Mark Montgomery, he told me he knew him from an online denim forum. He said he watched a couple of his freestyles. Little did I know that Aaron was the photo journalist for wavy news 10.

He said he wanted to do an interview with me but he got busy so instead he got me in contact with Andy fox , a news anchor at wavy news 10, he then wanted me to be on the Saturday morning show. Really crazy how all this came about.

I’ll Post the full length interview from Saturday morning as soon as possible :slight_smile:

They also showed my documentary on the show as well , if you haven’t seen that yet, check it out here

or Higher quality here


dude…i’m speechless.that was the best video/documentary ive ever seen.ill tell the truth,i cried at the end,when you have kids at that age come up to you and instantly you know that you have added a new member to the yoyoing comunity.you inspire me and many others i’m sure.this video/documentary proves my theory that the way you feel and make others feel about yoyoing is a huge part of the sport.jon saelens,thank you.also congrats on your TV interview.stuff like this helps you get sponsored. ;D

Wow, thanks for your honesty! I really appreciate it! yeah my heart is to share yoyoing with others no matter the age and get them into it if they desire to. It’s such a fun hobby and really can connect you to other people. It’s a great tool to reach out to people as well.

I’m glad you liked my documentary so much!