diamondback or phenom


Either. Two great yoyos.

Which one is physically better?

Um. Physically. They’re both bi-metal. They’re both USA Made. And they are both going to cost you $130+. They’re both yoyos. They come in cool coolers. They’re of high quality.

As for which you will like, I have no idea. Listing your preferences helps. :wink:

I have both -as well as the Phenomizm. The phenom is absolute trash compared to a Diamondback!

The Phenom is very light, very thin, fast, not the best gap-shape, and has very tight response with normal thickness string. And is not any fun to throw.
The Diamondback is one of my favorite playing yoyos ever. Perfect weight, great gap-shape, fast, thinner than most, BUTTER SMOOTH PLAY, and very good response with slightly thicker than usual string.

All in all, they have a somewhat similar feel to them, being thin metal throws.

In terms of preference, Diamondback hands-down!

Note: I got both second-hand, VG condition.

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