I've narrowed it down 2, which all metal yoyojam yoyo I should get

H3X or Diamondback


A DM2? Maybe it trumps all?

P.S I currently HAVE a phenom and don’t like it all that much.

Depending on the condition of the Phenom and colorway, PM me in about 10 days and see if I can buy it from you. I’m waiting for a check to arrive. I might need more time!

So, the Diamondback or the H3X?

I have the H3X and enjoy it. You can see some of the “legacy” of the DM2/LegacyII/Trinity in there, but at the same time, there’s a definite feel of “You know, I want this same general kind of shape, but I need it to fully meet the needs of modern competitive play”. So, we can clearly see what shape Andre likes best. The results are really amazing. Grinds, finger spins, horizontal play, tidize weight rings and plays at any speed you want to go. Worth it? Yes. I need a second, as the red/gold just catches my eye. The black is nice too but not as eye catching for me.

I haven’t spent as much time with the Diamondback. What I will say is that it’s on my wants list and I will end up with one. The shape is more Avalanche/Majesty kind of shape that we’ve seen with many other models in other brands as well. It’s a fun player that I enjoyed.

Your choices are great. Both are winners in my book. The issue really is that they play very different, with the H3X’s shape lending itself to being a bit more floaty in the air, yet moves with authority, yet has a touch of heft on the string to remind you it’s there(which I enjoy). The Diamondback is more aggressive, light on the string and in general seems to enjoy playing on the medium-fast to fast range. The Diamondback is actually not an ideal yoyo for me since I tend to play slow, yet I did enjoy this a lot.

I have tried a diamondback Very briefly (basically held it) and u are spot on with the avalanche comparison but on the other hand I’m not understanding how the H3X has a bit of heft while the dback plays fast when the dback is 68g and the H3X is 66.3g. Food for thought I guess

Get the Diamondback. It was a pleasant surprise to me when I first threw it. It’s a pretty freaking awesome yoyo.

The shapes of the two are dramatically different. I’m not complaining about how the H3X performs, I rather like that feeling.

Similarly but different, the Chaser is heavy at nearly 74 grams, yet feels almost like nothing on the string to me. The Phenoms I have are also super light on the string, despite one being 69+ grams and the other being 65.5 or something like that.

Design and weight distribution play big roles. It’s not how much it weights, but where the weight is and how it’s there.

Here is my order of wants

h3x - it’s an Alamazing throw literally and figuratively from the box to the completion of your very first trick I impresses and the engraving is extremely nice.

Diamondback - I do hear nice things but for me the h3x wins out based on all things Tom the box > shape > stability > and over all appeal. The diamondback is an excellent throw it just didnt for me as well as the h3x (but you I’ll have to see if this is the case for you.)

With that said I will say you will be extremely happy with either choice and both yoyos play very well each has its own personally and will fill a slightly different spot in your collection so I’d recommend you pick the one you are most drawn to if you aren’t able to play both before purchase, or you pick the one that flies your kit the best and floats your boat. You have a gut feeling what you are leaning towards I bet, ad ifyoucend up not picking that special one you are torn over you might end up with buyers remorse. So grab the ball and run toward the goal and fill that empty hole in your collection one style!

Happy hunting and do let us know what you picked!