Destiny & Hard Drive OR Shutter & Horizon


Title is self-explanatory. I’m conflicted. Destiny is out in two weeks and in my personal opinion, it looks amazing, and the beta was perfect. BUT the Shutter and Horizon have been on my high priority list as well.

Destiny and a 320GB HD (From an online retailer, of course. $125 for an official MS HD is ridiculous.) run at $100.
Shutter and Horizon at $90.



Shu-ta+Sumtin else instead :o


Go for whichever you think would be more fun.


Yoyos>Computer games. I play lots of games myself, but I find that I’m slowly but surely playing computer games less since I startedd playing yoyos. Also, do you need the extra space now? You could get destiny and a shutter/horizon first. Both industries move fast so if you buy one of your choices, another game/yoyo will come out that’s better than the previous so you have new options.


I never thought i would say this, but Destiny. that is the best game I have ever played