Destiny and Super G

Is the Destiny worth it? I’ve heard the Super G is perfect for horizontal tricks. Are these yo-yos good choices?

Yeah, the Super G is great for excalibur. I mean look at Gentry’s freestyle at worlds! I know most of its the player, lots of yoyos could not stand up to that. The Destiny is really fast and quite stable too. It’s the plastic AI.


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Forgot to say, destiny is great for horizontal play. Look at Takeshi Matsuura’s world freestyle.

Sweat, these two and the markmont next are my most wanted yo-yos

I love my MMN! All are unique because the color changes over time.

The color changes on the mmn?

Well, they’re nicke plated, and nickle tarnishes over time, so it turns brownish and gives it an amazing vintage look. It makes it one of a kind. But, you can wipe it off with some elbow grease. By elbow grease I mean hard work. DO NOT stick your elbow in a juicer. I know from experience.

Ok. :slight_smile:

i would go after the destiny i just feel its a lot more versital