Super G and Destiny: Both for $75

I really need to sell these as soon as possible. Ill sell both for $75.

YoYoFactory Super G:
Aqua Acid Wash. Marks on the sides, can barely feel them. Looking for $65 shipped.

YoYoJam Destiny:
Green. Pretty mint. There may be a tiny scuff or so on it, but I cant really tell. Also the caps are a little bit faded. Looking for $30 shipped.

Thanks for looking. :wink:

No PayPal I usually will settle with Cash, Mail Order, or Check in the mail.

HOw to sell or trade yoyos: Page 1: MAke sure your pictures are decent
free bump for saying that

Bump really need to sell these guys. I cant be trading at the moment. :-\

come down on the super g and i might buy it like for 30$ but iship you my japenese version 888

dude ill buy it from you for 55$ right now if you want