Plaese Delete---All Sold

YYF’s for sale only
Trade offers will not receive a reply

These are YoYo’s that have not seen any real play. They are all in great condition.
Some are Mint due to the fact they have rarely or never been thrown.

SuperNova ----- Mint $50.00 SOLD

Genesis -------- NM $30.00 SOLD

Super G (Blue) ----- One Ding $20.00 SOLD

Super G (Shadow) --Mint $50.00 SOLD

Severe (White) -----Mint $20.00 SOLD

Primo ----------------NM $40.00 SOLD

888X ----------------Mint $60.00 SOLD

G5 ------------------ Mint $55.00 SOLD

Speed Dial ----------NM $10.00 SOLD

Shutter -------------Mint $30.00 SOLD

Loop 900’s (Pair) —NIB $25.00 pairSOLD

I DO NOT have boxes for any of these YoYo’s.
Prices are a bit flexible, and I will discount multiples.
Shipping is NOT included. Add $4.00 for First Class. $6.00 for Priority Mail
PM me with any offers.