Deshielding Yomega Bearing

I just picked up a Yomega HyperWarp Heavy Wing (just for fun), and it was too responsive, so I decided to clean the bearing. However, I’m not sure how to deshield Yomega bearings. Can somebody please explain to me how to deshield the bearing?

Mostly you just have to pry it out. I’ve had some very limited success removing the “C” ring but it’s really iffy at best.

Thanks, but where do I pry it out from? It’s not much of a normal c-clip. It has 9 little grooves in the clip-like thing. Is there a certain area I have to pry it out from?

I’m experienced with removing standard shields with the c-clip and shield setup, but the Yomega setup just threw me off.


I really need to clean that gritty bearing…bump

im gonna give you a bump… my yomega bearing is in bad shape too…

Another bump.

Kinda funny how no one has any experience on yomega.

OK, by “pry it out” I mean just get under the shield and pry it out. Don’t worry about the “c” ring. You won’t be putting the shields back in.

I honestly don’t think the bearings they use in those have clips. I just use a very sharp needle type punch and plke a hole in it and then pry it out using that hole. It’s a tricky ordeal. Be careful you don’t hit the tool too hard to make the hole.

im just gonna not clean mine… :wink:

You can still clean it with the shields on. Just let it soak for a while. Shaking the jar to stir things up. then lay your bearing on paper to help get all the solvent out. It works just fine.

Here’s a video that can help:

Two things though:

  1. I suggest that you definitely take the shields off of the bearing.

  2. do NOT put a whole drop of lube onto the bearing. Use a needle or something small like that and drop a TINY drop onto it. Then, touch one or two balls with it.

Hope I helped! :wink:

If you look very carefully, there is a really small gap where you can use a sharp and small object such as a needle to pry it out.

Like I said, this bearing doesn’t have a c-clip. It’s different.

Thanks to everyone. I will now attempt to pry of the shield itself…oh gosh.

I think we all implied that in our posts about just prying out the shields. Maybe we need to be more explicit next time.