Help with Yoyo bearing


I just got a SPYY Addiction, and i can’t seem to take the bearing off…
Helluva noob post, but there seems to be some friction coming from the bearing side, and i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, or can recommend a good way of getting the bearing off


Welcome to the forum, Jack!

There is a search button that is very useful. There is another topic on this exact same problem. Here you go:,5440.msg63329.html#new


Thanks, srry bout that :wink:


Oh don’t worry about it.

(D@§h!zn!t) #5

You can use pliers to get the bearing off. ;D


Yea, it worked easily. Looks like i just needed a bigger pliers :wink:

Prolly going to have to get a new bearing tho, seems to be grinding inside of it…


Before you get a new bearing try cleaning it then lubing it. Search for tuts on bearing cleaning and you’ll find way more than you need.

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Just to add the tiny detail, you might end up getting a little frustrated when deshielding the bearing. If I am correct on this, the EZO bearing that comes with SPYY’s can’t be deshielded. You’ll have to clean it wiht the shields on.


Yes. I used to think that EZO’s sucked because they couldn’t be deshielded, but after 2 cleans, they are my second favourite bearings.


Thats why I never said deshield it. lol

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Just to be really picky about details I really don’t need to be picky about: If he searches for a tutorial, he will be likely to find a tutorial where it says he should deshield the bearing.

Addment: We don’t want people to waste 15 minutes looking for invisible c-clips.