Help with Yoyo bearing

I just got a SPYY Addiction, and i can’t seem to take the bearing off…
Helluva noob post, but there seems to be some friction coming from the bearing side, and i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, or can recommend a good way of getting the bearing off

Welcome to the forum, Jack!

There is a search button that is very useful. There is another topic on this exact same problem. Here you go:,5440.msg63329.html#new

Thanks, srry bout that :wink:

Oh don’t worry about it.

You can use pliers to get the bearing off. ;D

Yea, it worked easily. Looks like i just needed a bigger pliers :wink:

Prolly going to have to get a new bearing tho, seems to be grinding inside of it…

Before you get a new bearing try cleaning it then lubing it. Search for tuts on bearing cleaning and you’ll find way more than you need.

Just to add the tiny detail, you might end up getting a little frustrated when deshielding the bearing. If I am correct on this, the EZO bearing that comes with SPYY’s can’t be deshielded. You’ll have to clean it wiht the shields on.

Yes. I used to think that EZO’s sucked because they couldn’t be deshielded, but after 2 cleans, they are my second favourite bearings.

Thats why I never said deshield it. lol

Just to be really picky about details I really don’t need to be picky about: If he searches for a tutorial, he will be likely to find a tutorial where it says he should deshield the bearing.

Addment: We don’t want people to waste 15 minutes looking for invisible c-clips.