can you deshield an hspin bearing?

i just got my self a pyro light and i wanted to clean/lube/breakin the bearing becasue it was a bit noisy
anyway how do you do it
or is it not possible ???

It is possible

i dont think you get it

it doesnt have any c clips to take out!!

ive done my fair share of cleaning bearings so that is why i was appalled that this one was the way it was

I would suggest you just google it and do a little digging. Search something like, remove bearing shield with no C clip, or something like that. Doesn’t have to be a page on yoyo bearings necessarily. Hope that helps.

i dont think you can

i was just informed that you can take it off but you cant put em on again so i did and its grreat

Sweet, happy throwing ;D

hmm you could try soaking it in spirits over night. **shrugs.
or maybe this might help

THere you go 3 to choose from… hope that helped

I’m not sure if this is true for hspin bearings, but it works for EZO bearings, which they might be. I don’t know.

Anyway, you can just try this, take a flat screwdriver, and put it under the shield in the middle of the bearing. You know, the hole of the bearing, there should be some space between the shield and the center of the thing. Yeah, pry it out from there. If you don’t have anything small enough to stuff into that hole and pry it out, just soak it when its shielded. It will still get cleaned. Just repeat about 2 times.

This works for EZO bearings, just try it out.

Here’s a video that will probably help.

Yah they are ezos

So did you get it deshielded? Just stick something in the gap between the shield and the bearing. Its near to the center of the bearing, then you pry it out. Our you could do what Raytsh did in the vid.

yea thanks ;D

im a bit confused
what where the pics doing in this thread?