Deshielding Speedmaker bearing

I was trying to get the shields off of my Speedmaker the other day, and I put the pin under the shield in between the shield’s edge and the outer rim, and lifted, but the shield wouldn’t come out. It seemed like after I pulled it out from under the shield there was a little print coming out from the shield where I had pushed up under it. I didn’t know whether to push harder or stop, so I just played it safe and stopped. How do I get the shields off without damaging it?

There will be a tiny gap where the c-clip ends. Try to pry one end out from the gap. You’ll get it. Took me a while to pry it out. I used a tip-bent needle. :wink:

What is a c-clip?

Very small. It you hold the bearing almost flat to where you look straight, turn the bearing, you’ll see a tiny tiny clip. Around the edge just on the wall.

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