Denver KIPPsters Throwing in California

I am proud as can be to introduce this video! Previously, all of my other videos starred yours truly, but I am stoked to celebrate my 8th grade students with this video! If you don’t know, I’m a teacher at a charter school in Denver, Colorado. Our school helps provide opportunities to students that traditionally experience a difficult time transitioning into adulthood because of various social circumstances.

This video stars a handful of the best yo-yo students I’ve ever had. Each one was a student at my school and, at the time of filming, had been yoyoing for less than 8 months. I’m so proud of these kids and what they were able to accomplish. So, you know what to do…share it out and sing the praises of kids who take a risk and think outside the box!

Doctor B

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Nice work guys!

I love the fact that they don’t land every trick every time. I’ve been playing for a little over a year and can relate to everything they are doing. I don’t land everything all the time either. (I still haven’t mastered Eli Hops) I’ve been hesitant to make any videos because I don’t think I’m quite good enough yet, but you all have given me motivation.

I don’t know them personally, but cheers to them all for coming as far as they have. Keep up the great work and I hope you make more videos.

Thanks, Doc!

They’re great kids and I can’t wait to see how they progress!