Hey guys!
It’s been a while since I’ve roamed the YYE forums, but with testing over and summer in the air I hope to stick around for a bit. My good friends Khent and Jose, you may know them as UncleJemaya and XxKingDomxX23, and I shot this video a few days ago. After many hours of work, I thought I might share the final result.

As always, criticism and suggestions are much appreciated, especially with regards to the video itself(not the yo-yoing). I’m new to using Adobe Premiere, and I’m trying out new things in my videos, so advice on how to make them better would be great!

You guys are good, its nice to see a video with a group of people. wish I knew some people that yoyoed :-[

Nice editing. I like that kid with the ‘Just Do it Shirt’ lol

I thought the editing was superb! best yoyo video i have seen in quite a while! Also, awesome guys you throw with, they are all really good


Bu Bump by Black Eyed Peas

Nice video, and great tricks :wink: