Del toro review

Alright guys so this is my first review
it will be on the Chico Yoyo Company Del Toro


Diameter: 50.6mm
Width: 38mm
Gap Width: 4.5mm
Weight: 65g
Response: mine came with clear silicon pads, but it’s supposed to come with red silicon pads
Bearing Size: C

First Off:
I was looking to buy a new yoyo since my other yoyos (genesis, protostar, and starlight) were slightly too big for me and in horrible condition from doing 5a :P. I liked the wing shape of the protostar and starlight, so I went out to find an undersized version. I looked through every possibility, and since the messiah was sold out, and the popstar had too small of a width for me, i went with the Del Toro. My friend managed to get it for $5 off from another friend, in mint condition. I got the nice new red yoyo in the case it’s sold in.

I have to say this is a very stable yoyo. And it plays as fast or slow as I want it to. I can easily land my slacks and all my combos. The only thing that bothered me was the amount of time it took to break in the bearing. Up until today the bearing still has a small vibe. Ignoring that, the weight was just perfect for me, allowing me play fast (not very fast) when I wanted to. The response was very consistent and always gave me clean binds, but its wearing out quite quickly. IRG’s are nearly impossible for me because there really isn’t a rim for my thumb to hook onto. The bead blasted(?)/candy blasted(?) surface gave amazing grinds. I have to say this is a great yoyo.

If you like a fast undersize yoyo that grinds well and is extremely stable, go for it, as long as u can tolerate the vibe. The vibe seems to be the only downside as far as i can see, so i might get a new bearing to replace it. Maybe it’ll fix the problem. Otherwise i would definitely recommend this yoyo.

Sorry no pics :frowning:
feedback appreciated though :slight_smile: