Decisions decisions.

Should I get a Legacy right now or should I wait to get a loop 900. I’m going back and forth on what I should do. Help me decide yo.

well first off a loop 900 is a imperial shape yoyo and legacy is butterly so if you doing 1a get legacy if your doing 2a loop 900 :wink:

I know, I have a dark magic right now but you know how you just kinda want another yoyo just for the sake of having it? That’s what I’m feeling with the legacy right now. Or I could get a loop 900 so I can greatly extend my looping abilities.

U buy 2 loop900. So u can 2A. 1 yoyo for looping wont help much.

Well, 0A would still be pretty fun though. I dont mind just looping with one yoyo. I guess I’m getting a legacy then a loop 900.