Decision making

So should I get a 150 dollar yoyo to keep home or a 90 dollar yoyo to take everywhere? I typically carry a shutter.

You should get a One Drop Kuntosh 5000QV for $99 and take it everywhere. Exceptionally good yoyo.

Okay but it’s a little too much

I was considering a terrarian or a chief, should’ve specified

In my opinion out of the two I prefer the chief over the terrarian. It’s nice and stable/floaty. But I’m going to also say to split the difference and check into that 5000qv I’m really digging it now as well!

The terrarian as a carry and the chief as a home throw though. Also, what bearing does the chief come with?

That sounds like a solid choice to me. I own both, and can’t say anything bad about either one. The Chief came with a center track bearing I belive? Don’t quote me on that. I run mine with a trifecta bearing by twisted strings.

I’ve owned a Chief, and my nephew owns a Terrarian. The Chief is an exceptionally good throw, the Terrarian didn’t really click with me, but it’s a good yoyo. In my opinion though, the Kuntosh 5000QV outperforms both.

Yeah the chief. If I ever get the money, I’ll get a Kuntosh 5000 QV. Thanks!

Nevvvvver mind the us dollar went up by 0.02 and raised the price of the chief just over 180 CAD, which happens to be my budget. So QV, Terrarian, Edge, or 9 dragons?

This is such an odd mix of yoyos… :stuck_out_tongue:

For an everyday yoyo? The QV for durability.

Pick the one you like the most :slight_smile:

But personally the pun looks really similar to the QV. Maybe it’s just the wing shape though.

Okay: so Terrarian or QV? I’m thinking QV, but only after the US dollar goes down…

I would say QV. I mainly say this because it would be better to get something that’s durable if you’re not competing and just want to have fun.

The QV slays the Terrarian. Not even close. Speed, agility, spin time, durability – all better. Grinds are even though, both being fantastic.

I’m going to have to agree with Doug on this. 5000qv has had all my attention for days now. The bead blast finish is top notch for grinding.

K so saving up for a QV rn

Also, funny how you said “slays” because ya know how the terrarian slays zombies

Well you could get the terrarian and go wack some zombies on the head with it. But I think that 7075 aluminum in the 5000qv would hold up longer😊