Deciding on an All-Metal...

Hey guys. I’m in a bit of a quandary and I need help making a decision. I’m considering buying my first all-metal yo-yo, but I’m not quite sure if it’s worthwhile. To give a bit of background, I’ve been playing steadily for 5 1/2 months now and I’ve worked up to some of the Master level tricks on this site (with a little skipping around). I’ve also started learning more advanced tricks from the tutorials on and, so I consider myself to be proficient in most areas (binding is obviously not an issue :D). Currently I’m playing mostly with my Hitman with a Konkave bearing, red shims, and flush silicone response, but I’m feeling like possibly looking to step up to the next level. I’ve been checking out mostly YoYo Factory, the 888 especially since it seems to be very reputable. My biggest concern is obviously the hefty price tag. Are these all-metals really worth the investment? What are the main differences seen in the all-metals that the plastic-metal hybrids lack in (pros and cons)? Also, am I on the right track looking into the 888 or are there other ones along the line I should also consider? If it’s worth the price, I’ll make the investment. I just want to make sure it counts. Thanks in advance! Any input is appreciated.

For the most part, any metal rimmed, like youre hitman, can perform just as well as a metal. It seems like you are going to lean toward the 888, from what ive heard its an excellent player(havent plyed one personally) but is a lil pricier. Ive you really like the 888 but dont like the hefty price tag, go for a yyf fundametal, such as the dv888. I recommend buying an all metal ONLY if you want one, NOT because
you think it will play better. The player makes the yo-yo, not vice versa. Hope this helped ;D

From my experience, the DV888 and the Boss play just as good as the 888 or better. I just dont enjoy stacks so much.

At this point, you don’t need to buy a metal for $120, just go for a $60-$80 one. The Boss is similar to the 888, but costs $40 less. In my opinion it plays just as good if not better than the 888.
You can also consider the M1, Hectic, DV888, Frantic, C13,…

Or, if you’re daring, you can go over to the Buy/Sell/Trade section and look around for some metals, if you don’t mind them used. They should be at lower prices there.

You have the options oof the fundaMETALS or the premium line. dv888, Hectic, Frantic are the fundaMETALS, and DNA, Superstar, 888, Skyline, and g5 are the premium line. And what I reccomend most is the YYF BOSS.

I would go with a boss because in my opinion it plays better than an 888. Though a Hitman is a good yoyo a all metal is smoother and takes less efort for long sleep times.

Thanks for the input guys! The Boss sure seems to be pretty popular, so I think that will be the one i go for. I always kept coming back to that one for some reason too… But for some reason I keep going back to the Dv888 now too after DarthVaughn mentioned it, so if anyone has played both, I would appreciate it if someone could take me through some specs, pros and cons, and comparisons of the two. You know… stuff you wouldn’t find on the spec sheets, such as overall smoothness, weight distribution, and so on. If you’ve only played either, a comparison to either the Hitman or the Dark Magic would also be very helpful.

i have only played with a Dv888 but what i can say is that i was going to get a boss but i decided this one because i preferred its size. but if you want something with hubstacks then simply order a longer axle and the right hubstack kit

I have played with both, their both extremely smooth with great wieght distrabution. The boss has really good stability because its is h-shaped. The Dv888 has weight toward the outside but not as much. they are both pretty smooth because of the spec. The boss also is a really solid player as well as the Dv888. All in all their both great but in the end it comes down to personall preferance even though the Boss is undoubtedlly better I still prefer the Dv888.

The BOSS plays amazing against my dv888. Beast for It’s price.

Total beast.