Death by Yo-Yo


I’m just super curious about this topic right now. Has anybody ever died from Yo-Yoing?
I googled this topic and nothing came up…
So if you can give me an answer with an article or something that would be great.


I don’t think so, but I know people were allowed to yo-yo right before they were executed by guillotine to calm the nerves…true story.


I think injuries are as far as yoyos go… Death would have to be a SUPER freak accident


That’s funny. But Yo-Yoing wouldn’t be the last thing I’d want to do before I got my head chopped off.


Funny. I went in here thinking it was a topic about DBYY the yoyo company…


Yea me too.


I’m sure someone has been strangled by the string.

Heck, I knew a guy who’s baby was suffocated to death by a Pokemon ball toy from Burger King!


There probably wasn’t a lot of choice in the matter :wink:


I would be crazy surprised if there weren’t many reports of concussions from them and certainly stitches. I think I’ve read a few people on here have got stitches. I accidently hit my 2 year old with my Dietz and freaked me out, luckily it was a glancing blow but he came running out of no where. Normally I have a half a second warning where I can flip it up or something to keep anything from happening. And I’ve had several close calls, but luckily nothing damaging. I think the worst was spraining my finger for a day or two when I took a bind too hard to the throw finger and that hurt.


That would really suck if they couldn’t yoyo…

“I’m gonna die and I can’t even work this child’s toy… man, can life suck any worse?”


Now that is the worst regret for someone before they die, lol