DD Assassin vs Anomaly Euphonious...and other SS throws

Just wondering if anyone has experience with both of these. I have an Assassin and I love it. Wondering how the Euphonious compares, primarily, but I would also like to know whether you’ve played any other notable stainless throws. I love the material and would like to pick up another stainless yoyo at some point.


I have a:

Topyo Steel…maybe the best Yoyo ever. Better than all my Ti’s.

RSO Mini Bowl D Bearing…the best small Yoyo ever made. It’s the best quality and the smoothest steel I’ve ever touched, I’ve had 2 and they were both like that. *I siliconed it because I felt the pads were not recessed.

YYF Lowerkase…heavy but amazing most came vibey but awesome, the longest spinning and stable as heck

YoyoEmpire Thorest. Great Full sized throw. Plays a tad heavy but plays way more premium than an Aluminum.

DD Assassin it’s small but plays like a full size throw. The feel is premium the play is quick, fun and you don’t miss out on anything a full size has. This and the Mini Bowl are the Cutest looking too.

Anomaly Euphonius it’s light and quick, it’s play is as good as the Assassin, maybe a bit more peppy. My Euphonius is glass smooth so it feels like a high class and nimble lowerkase.

DD & FFBYY The Vow. Feels the most competitive of the smaller steels. It spins forever, is stable and a quick mover in transitions. A working persons RSO Mini Bowl in every way. * I had to silicone the response because the stock pads weren’t recessed.


Wow, great writeup. Thank you! The full sized steels sound very interesting, I may start looking for a TopYo.


Topyo Twin Drive and Steel are the same size and shape as each other and so underrated…the quality seems even better than the most expensive throws… sure hope they come out with a mono Ti on the same platform :facepunch::slightly_smiling_face:


I have the RSO Bowl Mini (I agree with @sloegoe above) and Shutter SS. The shutter is not as floaty and feels more like a full size yoyo on the string. Its great for practice.

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He said it wonderfully.

I would add to this list the readily available Recess/Zeekio Quiz, which has a slimmer width and larger diameter. IMO the Assassin and Euphonious are killer, but not very pocketable. Quiz is great AND pocketable.

Edit: I would call all three of the throws I mentioned a 9/10, and a no-brainer to add to your ThrowStable™️. The Quiz is slightly less stable in exchange for being a comfy pocket throw, and the other two are just solid players. If the quiz had a D bearing it would be 10/10 and probably challenge the Wanker as #1 in the collection.


I own a lot of stainless steel throws, and my favourite out of all of them is the YYF Heist, but it may not be for you since it’s really small.

As for the comparison between the Assassin and the Euphonious, I hated the Assassin, so for me the Euphonious is miles better. The Euphonious plays just a touch bit more solid than the Assassin, but I find it to be more stable, spins longer and is better feeling on the catch for me. It also moves fairly easily, I would say about as easily as the Assassin when you’re pushing both yoyos, though the Assassin might be just a touch easier to move (surprising since the Assassin is 3 grams lighter than the Euphonious). Overall, I think the shape and the size is what will really determine whether you’ll like the Euphonious or not, because they’re pretty similar in how they feel and play on the string. The Euphonious is more typically sized while the Assassin is a superwide yoyo and I absolutely detest superwides, so the Euphonious is the yoyo for me. Hope this helps.

I thought the assassin was only 41 mm wide ? Or are you saying it’s wide in comparison to diameter? Hoping mine comes soon looks like the New York post is lagging it again .

Yes it is in comparison to it’s diameter. It’s super wide for it’s diameter. A yoyo with typical dimensions of it’s diameter would probably be about 34-35mm wide.

I think superwides are always in relation to the yoyo’s diameter, I don’t think you would call the Mega Crash superwide.


I wish there was a thumbs down because your hostility toward the Assassin has been there since before you even got it…with your 1.3:1 preference. If you don’t like the dimensions then don’t buy it and then blast it because of the dimensions. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


This is about to get sppiiiiiccccy .


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Interesting, I never disliked the Assassin before I got it. I have no idea where you got that from. You have been misinformed. You can read the my post history and you’ll see that I gave it a chance despite not liking superwides. In fact, I was so convinced I would like it in spite of it’s dimensions I bought 2. It’s was only when I got it and it played below my expectations and also didn’t really play like what was advertised for me then I disliked it. I gave the yoyo a chance despite hating it’s dimensions but it let me down. I thought it would change my opinion on superwides, but it only served to further reinforce it. There is nothing out there that shows that I was blasting the Assassin even before I got it, it’s unfair to do so and I ain’t giving the yoyo a fair chance. But I did give the Assassin a fair chance and it disappointed me, hence my dislike for the Assassin. Well, a good thing is that I learnt that I really don’t like superwide yoyos, no matter how well they’re designed and I should just avoid them at all cost, no exceptions, so now I know better.

I don’t understand, is it wrong to dislike something here? Must everyone like every single yoyo that comes out? Is being a contrarian evil? After all, it is my own opinion and I am well aware that the majority of people don’t share my opinion and that’s alright. @Deadboots is asking for people’s opinion, so I give him mine. It’s up to him what he wants to do with my opinion. I have nothing against @hobbygod as well, I’m confident he’s a great designer and will eventually come out with a yoyo that I’ll like a lot, but his Assassin is just not the yoyo for me.

You make it sound as though I go on every single Assassin post that says good things about it and rag on the yoyo, but no. I only posted my opinion on the Assassin in the mailday thread, and when people are asking for opinions on the Assassin, like right now. I guess people are just more likely to remember the negative things more profoundly than the positive ones.


I think he was just pointing out that you dislike ultrawides, which we now know you realized due to purchasing the Assassin. Hopefully we can drop this, frankly I have no interest in being party to a debate this petty. I’d rather flag the post for deletion and repost the credited opinions if that’s where we are headed.

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Sure thing. I wasn’t expecting that it’ll get heated over my opinion of the Assassin and I’ll have to explain how it came about. Let’s just keep the opinions rolling in!

I’ve heard that the Zeekio Vali 2, which is the equivalent to the YoYoEmpire Cloudfly 2, is a great steel mini yoyo for a pretty low price and I believe you can still get one of those, so maybe it’s something you want to check out if you’re into mini yoyos. It’s one of the better mini yoyos out there. It’s not as small as the Heist as well so it’s more palatable for the non mini yoyo connoisseur.

If you like full-sized steel yoyos, check out the Geisha and the Geisha 2.0, though I think you can only find them on Chinese websites or on the BST. You can look to @yoyojoe and @Niki for more opinions on it, but generally it’s said to play lighter than it’s actual weight and is pretty stable on the string. It is more geared towards just chilling with the yoyo, not so much performance-oriented.


Just wanted to comment how much I like that photo. I hope to eventually try a thorest which looks really nice in the center. DD assassin is my current favoriate steel yoyo, but I only have one other.

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Thanks :blush:. The Thorest is really big for a Steel and tho it weighs 67g or so it plays smooth and at a good pace. It’s a Shame it was only sold in Japan.

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I appreciate how much love the Assassin is getting here, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s going to love it. I respect @Hanker for taking a chance on my yoyo and going out of his comfort zone and sharing some honest feedback.

For everyone that wants one they’re going to be dropping here on YYE Friday at 8pm EST :slight_smile: there is a whole lot and I don’t think anyone that wants one is going to miss out.


As tempting as a steel yoyo priced like the Vali 2 is, I don’t think that is a shape I would enjoy. I like modern H/V shapes okay on the string, but I haven’t encountered one that can touch a good old fashioned organic, at least not for me.

I just ordered a Zeekio Alpha Steel, this one seems to fit the bill nicely. I’ll let you guys know what I think when it comes in. I don’t have any experience with Zeekio and I have generally been put off by the goofy graphics that they slap on most of their yoyos (the Alpha Steel is no exception, lol). Sadly most of the full-sized/mid-sized steel throws are very hard to find at present - I haven’t seen the Quiz for sale anywhere, so I think I am relegated to trolling the BST for now. Hopefully Top Yo and RSO each do another run of their offerings at some point, I’ll be first in line.


I would agree with the comments about the geisha. Also just for reference I believe topyo made them for yoyo barista so I’m assuming the geisha and the top steel are very similar.

Just thought I would mention the one drop clique as well. It’s my favorite mini steel throw. It doesn’t feel heavy or try to be a full sized yoyo. It’s just a fun light throw that’s halfway between competition and relaxed.


Looks like the last Quiz sold out here recently and I haven’t seen it in stock anywhere else either lately. Funny comment about Zeekio too. I don’t know how you can mess up a wolf image (or a bunch of crows flying), but agreed they somehow come out cheesy when compared to most other companies’ engravings.