Day Trip ft. Vero and Myself

My friend Vero and I drove out to Idaho City this last weekend to get away from Boise, hang out, drink beer, eat ice cream, and of course, yo-yo :smiley: We filmed a few tricks we both have been working on and randomness and wanted to share it with you guys. Hope you enjoy!


Was the filming before or after (or during?!) the beer drinking? I can’t yoyo for crud after drinking…

We only had one each lol :slight_smile: But a little bit of all three I guess haha

So much bossness.

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I really really like the song.

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Missed let’s play yoyo this weekend but this makes up for it lol. Always kool to see yoyoing in random public places.

My family ritual during the season of produce is a trip to the farmers market every Saturday morning and this past weekend I saw 3 people yoyoing and not a single one of them actually knew how to throw properly. I was carrying my chief that day but was in charge of the little red wagon we use as a shopping cart so couldn’t join in the fun. My wife was pushing the stroller and nagging me about my pocket burning up and the chief wanting out for some fresh air. It was kool seeing people yoyoing especially since it was the first time I’ve ever seen anyone doing it around here. Maybe I’ve rubbed off on some since I always throw in public. Very small town if dont count college students.

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Me too! Haven’t heard it before either. What is it?

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mccando and midlifeyoyoman: The song is by Aesop Rock and is called None Shall Pass :slight_smile:

midlifeyoyoman: That’s awesome that randomly you spotted three folks getting into yo-yoing :slight_smile: Seems like more kids are getting into it lately. If you have have a chance to show the new guys some tricks and tips it could go a long way, most of them will remember that awesome yo-yo pro (as far as they will remember anyhow) at the farmers market who taught them how to do dizzy baby and showed them all these sick tricks they could do. Most beginners don’t even understand what is possible. I remember starting and stopping several times because I thought around the world was the hardest trick and when I was able to do it three times and still catch the yo-yo I assumed I mastered that hobby and quit. Then I saw a guy name Gary (local yo-yoer/teacher/gov’t employee) yo-yoing at my summer camp and realized how little I knew and immediately was begging my mom for a yo-yo with a bearing so I could learn all the hard tricks. Just seeing him got me that motivated, then it turned out he had a yo-yo club and my mom drove me there every other week to learn tricks and hang out. It was amazing and is why I still yo-yo today.

GregP: Thank you sir! :smiley:

Ouch gumdrop :confused: but as always Mike great skill and cool vid!

Snafu: Lol, yea that trick makes me cringe, thanks for the compliments bud :slight_smile:

I think Gumdrop is a great trick!

I like it too but I’m just not that skilled or risqué hehe.

Fantastic video! Love the slow mo combos. Amazing as always, Mike! I definitely need one of those shirts, too! Alas, I can never grow a beard, so the shirt will have to suffice. Maybe you could offer a beard growing course as well? Maybe Monkey Finger can patent a new form of snot to put on my face that kinda looks like a beard?

Loved the video. Fun tricks and good locations. The pink/purple combo that Vero had showed up awesome on camera.
On another note, I really need that shirt you’re wearing Mike…well not that ACTUAL one, but you get the idea.

I said it in the comments, and I’ll say it again… Noooooo! The summit!!! Haha,

Do you guys ever travel to yoyo clubs? Or just around Idaho?