David Sneed X Boss

My new video.
1A mostly inspired by Augie Fash and Joe Wilson.

very colllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
can u give some of the tricks names? ;D :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

JAW DROP cool 1

do you mean have I named these tricks? If that is the case then no, I haven’t.

That flop to GT blew me away


That was insane!

That was insane dude!!! I DIG IT COMPLETELY!

can you make a tut for the trick from 2:56 to the end.that totaly blew my mind away and would love to be as good as you some day.


If more people want one and if I can film the opening part of the trick and explain it well enough then I will try.
Thanks for the comments.

Omg! That was… (caution: overly used word!)… epic!

Oh a please do make a tutorial!

Thanks, i’ll probaly make a tutorial in a couple weeks provided I can film it correctly and explain it good enough for comprehension.

Great!!! But, I will kill you, if you wont make tutorial for the 1:56 moment ; - P

That GT thing?
It is somthing that I figured out and it is kinda hard to explain.
I’ll try in a couple weeks though.

Wow. You’re not on Team YYF yet? Seriously? YYF would have to be a bunch of idiots to let an incredible player like you slip through they’re fingers.

This is some of THE MOST original 1a I’ve seen since Tyler Severance started competing in 1a.

Great work man, keep it up.