just my tricks ive been working on if you want a tutorial please ask i can make a tutorial for ANY trick a just ask or PM me

Can you make a tut for the combo of the first 25 second of the video, it’s awsome and I need to learn it!!! :wink:

how is the revolution
looks good

the first one

If possible, I would like a tutorial for Hiroyuki’s famous Combo.

can i have the combo where you get the tower and dismount into a gt

actually first 25 seconds of vid plz

free bump

when is he going to make the tutorial

OMG!!! A quadruple post! Don’t even double post, but now!!!

none of these tricks were tough, your not at any stance to say that your so good that you need to make tuts. most if these re on the yye website anyway. and these are things 90% of people know.

WOOOAAAHH, Slow down he is only tying to help the community by making tutorials, plus just because it hasn’t helped you there is no need to slate him for it, he is just trying to help other people, They might not be the hardest tricks in the world but at least he has tried his best and you should just congratulate him for tyring.

p.s Nice job being a complete idiot! :wink:

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the first one

Can you make a tutorial on how to get your silly bands ;D i love them :DDDD

can you do over and under boing-e-boing

necro T_T

Here you go Scott. In the future, it is generally frowned upon to bump up an old thread :wink: