Database Corruption Issue - Forum Rollback


Unfortunately our forum database had a corruption issue this evening that could not be resolved with a fix.

We take backups on a daily basis of everything - and unfortunately we had no choice but to roll back to a 1am backup taken this morning…

We have taken steps to fix the issue that caused it so hopefully it will not happen again - our apologies for the loss of data from today! :-/

  • André


That sucks :stuck_out_tongue: a lot of stuff got deleted :o


Definitely did not ‘want’ to do it - but there was not much of a choice unfortunately!


aww man, messages got deleted too… I sent out like 15 pms today to remind people about the deadline for the under 1 year yoyo battle, and I bet over half of them didn’t see it yet, now I have to do it all again :-\


Again - terribly sorry. :frowning:

The email notifications if they had them would still have been sent. But unfortunately forum specific info from today was part of what was lost!


This is part of technology, everything breaks from time to time.
That was a very small downtime, job well done on getting it back so fast.


Guys stop makin him feel bad. He didn’t want to do this, and he tried he best to fix this, now try your best to fix what you need. It did not affect me much at all.


I’m guessing you’re referring to me, and my intentions weren’t to make him feel bad and I don’t see how it would’ve really… I know stuff like this happens and has happened before and he fixed the issue rather quickly as always.

(SR) #9

Haha dangit, I just got feedback from someone today, I’ll guess I’ll have to ask them to give it to me again. lol


Eh it seemed to me like two people are teaming up on him but it turns out it was just you! Sometimes on mobile I don’t check, it’s less obvious. Lol I have a tendency to overreact an exaggerate.


Ah - no one is making me feel bad so no worries there!

I just want everyone to know that we take the forum seriously and that it was a last resort to have to roll back - we know it can throw off a lot of stuff having to do with trades or just general posting of important topics and news.

I just truly am sorry - luckily we know what went wrong and the system alerted me immediately. Otherwise things would have been worse (and a longer down time).

Thanks again for understanding everyone - we do appreciate it!


w0w andre this sux so bad im quitting foruming and yoyoing by association. cya nevr…

I remember rollbacks in Runescape. Man, that could sure ruin your day. ;D

Props for getting it back up so quickly, though.


If this helps, I think it had something to do with a hash tag I placed on the chat, because after I clicked it, YYE would not load up.


Should have bumped my BST post this morning.(oh wait, all my pms are gone…)


LeftyLink, that is merely coincidental. The chatroom is not hosted on the same server as the forum and it is resilient enough for hashtags to not break anything.


Now this makes me wonder if I got any pms…


Ok just checking :slight_smile:


I got an address for an upcoming trade, but luckily I get email alerts or I would never know when I get pms


It’s all good Andre. Even if you’d roll this back all the way to 1998 and all we could talk about is imperials and butterflies, we’d still love you.


This is the best thing since squeezable cheese.