Glitch in the Matrix! - A few lost posts Saturday

(André Boulay) #1

Apologies - as many of you noticed yesterday afternoon we had a server glitch that caused the forums to have issues since Sunday afternoon! What I thought originally fixed it was unfortunately not the complete issue! Part of the database actually got messed up and we had to roll back to Saturday morning backup. So we unfortunately lost posts from Saturday! Really sorry about that!

Attaching an image of what is ‘missing’ from the general forum just as an FYI.

The good news is I’m really excited about forum upgrades coming soon! We have a lot of fun stuff in store over the coming months here and apologies again for this glitch! ::slight_smile:


How High Can We Go is still missing :’( :’( :’(

(Ian sims) #3

That’s a relief I thought there was something wrong with my app.


Yeah, that part broke really bad. Probably beyond repair.

(Spinworthy Glen) #5

Really hanging out for a forum upgrade.

(André Boulay) #6

It will happen!!! :blush: