It needs to be asked.

Does anyone know what’s up with the nation? I’ve been getting “server error” for the last 30 hours. I can’t believe it’s just me. So sad for everyone if we’ve lost some competition.

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My guess is they are doing some renovations to the site. Hopefully :/. God Bless - Moefv

I kinda got the inside scoop when i messaged them about a gift card i had.
I asked when it would be back up.
They said “To be honest, i’m not sure…”
This was about a week ago. Then it went down…

Who knows.

I’ve had the same thing. I’m putting my guess in that it’s either down/gone, or they’re reopening everything finally and taking the chance to overhaul. The former is easily the most likely.

i’ve noticed they’ve been down for a month for a reopening. They have done stock and restocking everything so it should be nice afterwards

i hope it’s not gone. there’s a lot of history on that forum.

Well, someone sure as heck knows. I’m not trying to “bait” those who do. But, I’d luv a little hint/hope w.r.t. their return!

Sadly, I understand the question. Discussing it here is bad form though. This forum is paid for and run by a store.