i think we might a little too much traffic here (jkjk lol) but every often, becoming more regular now, i havent been able to access the yye website, then when i get on itll have like +150 guests and a lot of people signed in

I KNOW! i have not been able to get in like 4 times because the servers were down.

I think it’s 'cause they’re renovating it.

What I like to see for a “renovation” is a redirect to a page saying the site is down and will be back online soon. Then, after the site is re-uploaded or moved to a new server, then the redirect can be re-done to the new location and then despite the hard downtime, it tends to work easier.

When I redo my web site in a few months, I’m just going to use one of my other domains for development and when it’s done, just rename directories and I’m good.

EXACTLY! The only indicator I got that this was happening was during chat, the little header said,“Sorry for the downtime. We have been renovating our site.” at least it was something like that.