I cant see the website properly lol! In the homepage, the pictures don’t load properly, the words (home, learn, forum, about etc.) Wont load, and i see x’s everywhere.

i can still use the basic forum, but the places that used to be red are blue lol, and i cant load multiple windows anymore. Anyone else with this prob? or is it just my internet, bcause i can still see youtube google etc pretty well ???


Ya I was having some problems too. It was saying that there were multiple errors on the page. Nothing as bad as what you had though. ???


We had a server upgrade and I had to re-write some of the code.
All fixed now but please let me know if you find anymore errors. :slight_smile:


Hmm…it was working fine for me.

Anyway, are you going to upgrade the forum André?


You will see in time. :wink:


Anyways andre, do you code the website yourself? or do you have a team of super html coders(LOL)?