Something wrong with the website

Is the website going under a server upgrade again? Cause like last time, everything has turned blue, and i can’t see any red buttons or images or vids. Is it just my comp?

I think its your computer. I’m not having any problems :wink:

Neither am I.

Darn it. Oh well. Time to check for viruses.

I sometimes get that blue thing but turns into red again, I think because my internet loads a bit slow thats why its blue first then goes to red.
maybe try deleting cookies or something

I have no problems. Do you have a dell. They get viruses

Your images aren’t loading up properly.



It’s actually no one’s problem, folks.

This issue is normally caused by the way most modern browsers interpret PHP. Or Andre has some mildly buggy code. Either way, it’s nothing to worry about. It has nothing to do with a virus, or a Dell. ;D

For the record, a computer’s brand name has absolutely nothing to do with it’s susceptibility to malware or virii. Nothing at all.

When I click the forum button, all the forums turn blue, then red. Nothing to worry about.

It looks like his browser is only loading an initial part of the page and then stopping.
If anyone else has this problem let us know.

So is there any way to get my comp to load properly? It was fine 2 days ago :frowning:

docrobot’s name is in blue instead of red on the who’s online section of the homepage for me. it’s not a problem really though.

I think because he is one of the forum experts thats why,

but thats not the one rsmod123 was talking about,
he was talking about the red template (whatever you call that) of the site being blue ,look at the images he posted.


Its not only the template, even the buttons are missing ??? I can’t see the “new” for the new posts, so im not sure which posts to read :frowning: Also, all the images stopped working, and all the links don’t work for me.

No, I don’t think thats it.

Yeah, it is.