Now here's a curiosity…


Sometime over the Thanksgiving weekend when I logged on the YoYoExpert website I noticed the header had changed to be all nice and Christmasy with Santa hats and gifts with red ribbon and colored lights and such. However when I now log on to the website on my office computer the header is just the standard regular one. How is it that the appearance of the web page is different from one location to another? Does having different servers introduce a variable of how the page will appear?


It could be, or your office computer might not have the software that generates the decor.


Your office computer probably has the old image stored in the browser cache. Try clearing out your cache or doing a hard refresh of the site to see if it reloads with the new header.


Hey, the “hard refresh” did the trick! Thanks for your expertise.


Glad to help.


You shouldn’t be doing this from your office in the first place… :wink:



It takes just one Casper Milquetoast to throw ethical behavior into the conversation to ruin a guy’s whole day!

BTW, exactly what is your location at 11:19 in the morning anyway?


You must’ve missed the memo - I retired in June. ::slight_smile:



mmm…for some reason I just don’t quite believe you.


I happen to love the new Xmas look, especially the YYE logo wearing a Santa hat. I thought it was so cute that I messaged my friend to look at it. Same thing happened to him, and he had to refresh the browser to view the new image. You weren’t alone. The site looks great!

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Yeah, I like it a lot too, especially now that I can see it at the office when I am suppose to be doing other things apparently.


Jeeesh, kids these days. They just ain’t got no respect fer nuttin…

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Tell me about it. Little jerks.


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I really wanna find out where you are in the metro and campout on your lawn now.